Transforming Nigerian agriculture together

Transforming agriculture in Nigeria – more education and reliable supplies – a return to the roots with thriving agriculture. GrowExpress Ltd. focuses on sustainable scaling of acreage with indigenous seeds as a local solution for cost-effective food supply.

Nigeria, Ibadan, 2022. the right path has been taken. Returning to self-sufficiency and combating Nigeria’s rural exodus The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development rightly points out the following inconsistency: „Rice, maize, potatoes and cassava are the most widely grown crops in Nigeria. However, farms are small and crop yields are modest. As a result, the country must import food. Rice alone costs the government nearly four billion dollars each year. However, agriculture in Nigeria could bring in a lot of money if modern techniques were used. These include, for example, the use of high-quality seeds, proper fertilization, good soil management and proper storage of produce.“

Demand for processed food is also increasing in Nigeria, especially in urban areas. There are also opportunities for rising farm incomes and new jobs in the agricultural industry, of which GrowExpress Ltd. is a part. In the reduction of dependence on the oil sector, towards the revitalization of agriculture in Nigeria are the building sites for society, policy and aid programs.

The local Ministry of Agriculture has promised the Nigerian company GrowExpress Ltd. the cultivation of an agricultural area of up to 800 hectares. The land in question had previously been used for agriculture, but had not been planted since Nigeria’s oil boom in the 1960s. This land is currently being cleared of ecologically insignificant bush and prepared for future agricultural use, taking into account soil and animal protection.

Creating favorable conditions, building alliances and supporting local farmers

GrowExpress Ltd. does not farm the agricultural land itself, but works with local smallholder farmers to empower them through a partnership program. The local partners are trained under the company’s central control and planning, and the yield of the land is significantly increased. GrowExpress Ltd. provides local farmers with know-how, seeds and fertilizers, and also cedes land to them in addition to their own land. Clear framework conditions and purchase guarantees for the food produced after harvesting ensure security of supply for the population, strengthen the rural region, prevent rural exodus and prevent monocultures. Another requirement for obtaining the model estate was that the land serve Nigerian farmers and not multinational corporations.Agriculture / Grow Express Ltd.

Principles of cooperation

Agribusiness on common land is critical to feeding the rural population. Small farms have low productivity and profitability, cause significant storage and post-harvest losses due to lack of harvesting techniques, and marketing is difficult due to long transportation distances. Other shortcomings include a lack of agricultural diversification, poor soil, pasture, and water management, and a lack of support for creative business models. Climate change is also having a negative impact on land use and food production. The lack of diverse food sources has a particularly negative impact on poor households and children, who rely mainly on maize as a staple food. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) currently ranks Yemen, South Sudan, and northern Nigeria at the top of its list of most severe famine. Current climate models predict that climatic conditions in many countries in Africa will continue to deteriorate due to extreme weather events, among other negative impacts (crop failures, pest infestations, soil erosion and leaching, etc.). Africa is diverse and appears from the outside as a black continent with a complex internal structure. Economic extractivism, lack of education and other obstacles to development must be overcome.

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GrowExpress Ltd office is located in Nigeria, Cocoa House, Dugbe, 200263 Ibadan. Completed in 1965 at a height of 105 meters, Cocoa House was once the tallest building in Nigeria and the first skyscraper in West Africa. It is located in Dugbe, one of the main commercial areas in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Grow Express Ltd. manages an estate of 800 hectares about 200 kilometers north of the megacity of Lagos, Nigeria. For more information, visit:


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